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Broadband - Update

(February 26, 2018Centerville, Tennessee) –  Congress recently dedicated $20 billion for infrastructure investments across the country, and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association are seeking to have at least $2.5 billion/year of those funds dedicated to rural broadband for their members interested in engaging in that business.

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative supports these efforts and encourages its member-owners to engage in the project as well. CLICK HERE and after logging in or registering, click “Broadband Funding” to reach out to Senator Lamar Alexander and your member of Congress.

MLEC Broadband Update:  We are evaluating the results of a thorough feasibility study before taking the next step in the decision-making process. There is much to consider before coming to a conclusion:

  • To deliver broadband, MLEC would have to start a subsidiary and be prepared to offer it to all our member-owners across our entire service area of 2000 square miles.

  • Our members depend on us for reliable, affordable service. Broadband would be no different. Electricity is what we do. A cooperative is who we are. We are looking to bring that same level of reliable, affordable service to the broadband arena.

  • The cost of such a project would be hefty, so engaging with Congress to show our interest – and need – of funding will be important if we decide to move forward.

With such a big undertaking, MLEC wants to be aware of the risks and go in with our eyes open. We are carefully examining the possibility to offer broadband.  One thing none of us can afford is to put together a broadband project that lacks quality just for the sake of saying “we offer broadband.” That would not serve MLEC nor its member-owners well.

MLEC is your member-owned source of power and information. We strive to provide safe, affordable, reliable electricity, while helping build the communities we serve.

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